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Communications Staff

Jenifer Petri, Communications Coordinator
(309) 531-9562

Jenifer has been working for FCC since the summer of 2013.  She finds it an interesting challenge to compose a complete and current digital weekly newsletter (the Friday Email), preparing the reader for the coming Sunday's worship services and other events at the church.  She also coordinates the production of a bi-weekly newsletter called Beyond the Bricks, which highlights varied community events that focus on mission, service, and fellowship.  Jen enjoys developing the visuals used in worship each Sunday in both the traditional and One and All services, and she is the social media coordinator and website master for the church.

Jen's greatest joys are her children, Paige and Austin, and her husband, Darrel.  She is an avid introvert who enjoys her pets, fishing, and nature in general.  She and Darrel are passionate about Israel and enjoy traveling there and to all the other corners of the earth.

Her favorite Bible passage is John 1:1-18, a beautiful description of our Savior's power and omnipresence by the Apostle whom He loved, and words of hope, light, and comfort for a world often a challenge to navigate.      


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