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Facilities Staff

Wally Calvert, Custodian/Safety Monitor

Joseph Wallace Calvert III (Wally) is married to Patti Calvert and has been since 1989. They met over a chicken breading table at Wendy's when Patti was attending ISU:  their hands touched, and they've been together ever since.  Wally and Patti have two children, Logan and Roxanne, who are out living their purpose and enjoying life.  Hecould not be prouder of them! They have many pets: 3 cockatiels, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. All rescue animals of one kind or another. 

Wally grew up in Towanda, Il.  He worked on farms during the summer when he  got old enough then worked in town when he was in High School. Restaurants were his thing. He enjoyed the pace and the people and eventually got promoted. He was a restaurant manager for about 22 years, and then decided that a change in life was needed so moved to AFNI as a collector for 5 years. 

Now, he is in what he considers to be his dream job here at FCC.  His jobs are many and varied but he does enjoy the challenges that go with that. When he is not sweeping, mopping, dusting, or plunging he can be found setting up rooms for meetings or services, driving the church van, monitoring the doors and providing security, or dozing off in staff meetings.

When he is not at work he is an amateur video game player, and a novice paranormal investigator.  More importantly, he likes to rest in nature. Walking, fishing, camping.  All that keeps him in God's creation. 

John Dailey (volunteer), Facilities Manager

John has an engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and worked for GTE and Verizon for 35 years, retiring in 2009 as the engineering manager.  With the engineering background and a "do-it-yourself" attitude about building and maintenance projects, he wanted something to do after retirement that would put those skills to use and help others.  The Caretaker position at FCC was the perfect fit and he has been doing that since 2013.  In that role, John does routine maintenance of the building mechanical items and also does building projects as needed for block party, VBS, Sunday School, etc.  When contractors are needed for major projects, he serves as the church's representative in managing that process.

John and his wife Kathy moved to Bloomington in 1995 with their two children, Sarah and Mark.  Sarah is in San Francisco now and Mark is in San Diego, so visits to California are a welcome wintertime break.  John and Kathy are also involved in supporting Boy Scouts and make several trips each year to the Scout camp in Canada to help maintain the camp. 

Fishing and golfing are among John's other hobbies.    


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