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Social Justice

Part of the fragmentation of our world today has to do with systems and ways of “being” that do not promote and ensure justice for everyone. First Christian Church is committed to the work of making a way for everyone to be fully who God created them to be, bringing about wholeness in a fragmented world. We partner with a number of groups and organizations on this important ministry. If you would like to get involved, contact the church office.

Not in Our Town
                                    Not in Our Town (NIOT) is a grass roots community organization that is working to

                                    build inclusive, safe community. NIOT tends to issues of racism, discrimination of

                                    members of the LGBTQ community, bullying in schools, and other ways human

                                    beings are excluded or oppressed. 

Café Justo
                                         Café Justo is a coffee grower cooperative based in Salvador Urbina, Chiapas,

                                         Mexico. They market a pure, organic coffee which is grown, harvested and

                                         marketed in the spirit of justice. Their goal is to provide incentives for people to

                                         remain on their family lands. The coffee available at First Christian Church is

                                         purchased directly from Café Justo.  

The General Church
                          The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) supports many organizations and ministries

                           that are working on issues of justice. You can read about them by clicking the button

​                           below.