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​​Ministry Directory

See “Staff” tab in “About Us” for information about Clergy and other staff.

Lay Leaders
Doug Reed, President
         Joe Bandy, Vice President
         Secretary:  Penny Bland
         Treasurer:   Don Mahannah

Administration:    John Dailey (and Bldg. & Grnds Chair)
            Be Faithful Stewards:  Madonna Courtright, Susan Cleaver
            Care for Each Other:  Vicki Hall, Nancy Pool
            Spiritual Growth & Education for Adults:  Patty Thompson, Bill Robitske
            Minister to & with Children & Youth:   Gregg & Michell Kiesewetter, Kim Cox
            Reach Out:   Sarah Trefzger, Julie Robinson
            Worship:   Marla McElroy
, Libby Nussbaum

TRUSTEES:Marty Sallee, Alan Chapman, Linda Lehmann, Becky White, Don Mahannah

OTHER OFFICERS                      

                                                Nominating Committee Chairperson: Chip Jamerson

                                                BroMenn Delegates:  May Jackson, Vicki Hall

ONE 1-YR TERM                     Memorial Committee:  Pete Whitmer, Pat Bozarth, John Dailey, Leslie Frizzell

                                                Historian:  Mary Helen Haskell

                                                Librarian: David Bradbury


2019                        Nate Damery               Heather Damery          Robyn Loftin              Holly Rocke

                                Ted Logan                   Ryan Newton              Patrick Lawler             Jenny Lawler

                                Brian Metz                     Kim Cox                     Justin Cox                    Matt Davis

                                Martin Ross                 Sue Ross                     Matt Nichols               Amy Nichols

2020                        Kathy Dailey               Chip Jamerson            Patti Jamerson            James Nussbaum

                                Libby Nussbaum         Carrie Chapman         Stephanie Reed         Jenny Hennebury

                                Drew Henneberg        Juan Mejia                   Michelle Kiesewetter



2019                        Joe Bandy                   Sue Bandy                  David Bradbury          Susan Cleaver

                                John Hensley               Naomi Kosier              Beverly Leight            Al Leight

                                Camille Taylor             Becky White

2020                       Deanne Bryant             John Dailey                 Leslie Frizzell             Gregg Kiesewetter


                               Mike Robinson             Tamara Shields            Art Taylor                   Nancy Trefzger


​                                     Staff Contact Information

Title                       Name              Phone                   Email            
Senior Pastor    James Warren  (309) 212-6873  jwarren@blmfcc.org
Director of Music and Youth  Holly Irvin  (864) 921-4874  hirvin@blmfcc.org
Music (Organ)  Lou Ann Fillingham  (309) 379-3024
Music (Piano)  William West  (309) 663-8285
Coordinator of Communications  Jenifer Petri (309) 533-4912 info@blmfcc.org
Financial Secretary   Deborah Stumm  (309) 829-9327  dstumm@blmfcc.org

Office Administrator  Maggie Burton  (309) 829-9327  office@blmfcc.org
Child Care Coordinator  Trish Logan  (309) 829-9327 tllogan4@hotmail.com
Web Master and Editor   Jenifer Petri (309) 829-9327 info@blmfcc.org