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Prayer Groups

Prayer is our channel for speaking to and listening to God.  First Christian Church has formed  focused Prayer Groups that are now meeting (through September and ending in November). The groups are open to all members and friends. Please sign up now to join a group.  Each weekly prayer group has a leader and follows a guided plan and format. Groups include six to eight people.

As of now, group meeting times include:

  • Monday and Sunday mornings
  • Monday and Thursday afternoons
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings 

There could be a Zoom group (members meet over the internet) forming.

A letter was sent to each congregation member as an invitation to sign up in August for a group.  The text of the letter sent is available for viewing here:  Letter Sent to Congregation July 25, 2018

We will learn about several methods of prayer incluing Lectio Divina, Ignatian Prayer, and Visio Divina. 

Resources (printable versions):

  • Familiarize yourself with Prayer Methods here
  • View an expanded description of a Lectio Divina prayer experience here.
  • View the Schedule of Prayer Group Sessions here.
  • View a Session Outline (What to Expect) here.
  • For guidance on creating a Spiritual Autobiography, please click here.    

Sign up on SignUp Genius (click here).

Completed Sessions:

1.  Wandering in the Wilderness

2.  Listening to Others and the Holy Spirit

3Sharing Our Story

4.  Who is Our Neighbor?

5.  Visioning

6.  Conflict and Unity

7.  A Solid Foundation

8.  Prayer Group Review