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Multi-Faith Activism when the Political Peace Process Stalls

Come spend an evening with three international peacemakers from Israel, representing Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, who together are part of the Abrahamic Reunion, a multi-faith group of

peacemakers who seek to use religion as a force for peace. Its members are committed to the principles of sharing a belief in one God by understanding each other’s religious customs, spiritual practices, prayers and values. They respond to the needs in the Holy Land by establishing ongoing projects that embody their ideals. The Abrahamic reunion promotes “love, peace, communication, cooperation, and dialogue among the people of Israel and Palestine, including men, women, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Druze, as well as other spiritual traditions.”


  • Rodef Shalom Eliyahu McLean, an Orthodox Jew from Jerusalem, co-founder of the Abrahamic Reunion, and director of the peace organization “Jerusalem Peacemakers.”
  • Sheikh Gassan Mansarra, an ordained Sheikh in the Qadiri Sufi Order of Islam, and director of the Peace Center in Nazareth
  • Deacon Jiries Mansour, a Christian Arab and Deacon in the Greek Orthodox Church, and Principal of a middle school in the Arab village of

What a blessing to hear from these three gentlemen of the Abrahamic Reunion last night. Gems from the night:

You must actively pursue peace, as sometimes it seems to be running away.
If we love, we find peace.
Wake up and meet yourself. Know yourself and know others -- feel their joy, sorrow, and fear.
Learn more about the peace-in-the-Holy-Land efforts of this group at
Thanks to all who attended this event.

Here is the audio file link:

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