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Small Groups 
As Disciples of Christ, we hold the centrality of scripture, recognizing that each person has the freedom - and the responsibility - to study God's Word within the community of the church.  At First Christian Church we have two adult classes that have been meeting for decades: the Sunshine Class, which meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m., and a noon Brown Bag Bible Bunch study led by Rev. Dr. Jim Warren on Wednesdays. Participants meet over a sack lunch for a lively discussion where curiosity is welcomed.  To find out more about these classes, you may call or email the below class contacts.

         Sunshine Class:  David Bradbury 309 452-0528 and Neil Sallee 309 824-9128
         Brown Bag Bible Bunch:  Church Office 309 829-9327

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Other Small Groups:

New Adult Sunday School Class meets in FCC room #129 after the 9:00 a.m. service. All are welcome for topical studies and studies about books of the Bible. A new study, “People Who Met Jesus," began March 10.  Learn about eight people who met Jesus. Three of them became His disciples, and five of them rejected Him, but all of them were impacted by His life and message. They are very different personalities and each one has something to teach us. Understand the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Christ through the eyes of the people involved. The study is a DVD series and has a study guide to assist in lessons.

Ladies' Monday Prayer Group is led by Kathie Chapman and meets bi-weekly from 3:00 to 4:15 p.m. in the FCC Founders’ Room. The group is studying, “Mirror for the Soul: A Christian Guide to the Enneagram.” The group members highly recommend this book to everyone.

Tuesday Evening Group Led by Art Taylor and Bill Robitske, the group meets in the FCC Conference Room every other Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. The group discusses the weekly Bible verses for the current sermon series, and shares their autobiographies with each other. Meeting and sharing their own stories with one another has brought them closer together, helping them know those they see each Sunday that much better.

Wednesday Evening Group (Polycarps)  The group began meeting March 13 (and will meet every Wednesday thereafter) from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. in the FCC Conference Room. It is led by Valerie Fisher. Currently, there are nine confirmed members, but more are welcome. For Lent, the group is focusing on an Easter study, which began the evening of March 13 and will run for four to five sessions.

Small Group Book Study  A contemporary book study facilitated by Patty Thompson at the Thompson home. Synopses of several books will be discussed and a decision made as to study materials. The group plans to meet once or twice a month (a group decision). Both the day of the week and the time of day will be discussed at the initial meeting. ALL who are interested are welcome to join the group! The Thompsons hope the house is overflowing and SEVERAL study groups result. This will be a discussion format, but no one is required to share if they choose not to. No pressure, just good company and dialogue.

Thursday Evening Small Group   John Hensley and Susan Cleaver co-lead the group, and will host it every other Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in one of their homes, usually. To begin, the group will be reviewing and discussing a book written by author, speaker, and former pastor, Rob Bell. After that, they will likely search out some other book or study material. In addition to meetings and study, they plan on being proactive as a group in seeking out projects in the community that they can reach out to and participate in.  Currently, 10 members are part of the group, which is fairly large based on the original concept when the group idea was introduced last fall. Group size is limited by the space in the leaders’ homes, but they could probably welcome one more person.

Additionally, throughout the year, short term studies that address topics of interest during a liturgical season (e.g. Lenten or Advent) or topics that address current cultural and spiritual subjects are offered.  Past studies have discussed books significant to the history, identity and mission statement of the Disciples of Christ and First Christian Church.  Watch the homepage and Events page for new opportunities. If you have an idea for a study, contact Bill Robitske or Stephanie Kiesewetter, Growing Spiritually Ministry Stewards.

Small Group Resources:

Companion in Christ

Half Truths

Jesus Calling

Jesus Wants to Save Christians


Learning to Walk in the Dark

Leaving Church

Love Wins

Mirror for the Soul



Resources -- A Renewed Spirituality

The Labyrinth

The Path Between Us

The Road Back to You

Unafraid -- Living with Courage

Church Library: 
  Located on the main floor, across from the Fellowship Hall, our library offers many fiction and non-fiction works.  Please select your book and use the card box to indicate you have checked it out.  Librarian:  David Bradbury